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Kompa Consulting provides a wide range of market research package from offline to social platforms which tackle and respond to all your Brands’ questions.

Kompa Branding Solutions

We understand the importance of a good research

Integrated research

We offer research solutions with no boundaries on any kind of platforms.

Social trend update

Understanding current trends on social media platforms is a great asset to Brand. We always catch up with latest trend and guide Brand to adapt.

Industrial insight

With an experience team and technological advancement, we always provide the most insightful industrial data and information.

Target audience deep-dive

Together with consumer journey analysis, we provides insightful research and findings in consumer behavior and target audience studies.

Answer anything

our research packages

Online & offline research

An integration research method combines qualitative and quantitative approaches on social media and on field platforms.

Commercial research

Gathering, analyzing and interpreting information about a market, about a product or service in that market, and in-depth research into target audience.

Category & industry research

A research covers the aspects of:

  • Brand & competitor analysis
  • Brand health report
  • Campaign performance & tracking

Social trend research

A research of social trend overview of what is happening in the category and industry which is highly valuable for Brands to forecast consumers’ taste & behaviors.

Seasonal research

Occasion-oriented research such as: Tet Holiday, Christmas & New Year Eve,…

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Brand Health Report

Data enrichment

Insightful deep-dive

Brand-related topics

Reputation Management

Always-on management

Issue tracking

Influencer involvement

Campaign Measurement

Evaluate marketing buzz

Sentiment analysis

Influencer performance

Influencer Marketing

Performance Insight

Influencer Casting

Media bookings

Social Media Management

Social awareness

All-in-one platform

Lead Generation

Performance Marketing

Deep-dive into audience

Marketing automation

Findings report

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