Campaign Measurement

To determine a successful campaign strategy, it requires great analysis.

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We measure the true value of your marketing investment

Marketing buzz

Measure buzz generated by Brand's intentional marketing through social media channels.

Sentiment analysis

Monitoring social media posts and evaluate how social participants react to a Brand's campaign or message.

Influencer performance

Influencer marketing is crucial for Brand's campaigns. In addition, it also matters to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities involving influencers so Brand can allocate resources more effectively.

Identify user ID

Last but not least, with the help of Radaa Engine by Kompa, we can detect actual users involving in a campaign and cross-out irrelevant Facebook users.

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Campaign tracking

A full scope of measurement approach includes three stages of campaign tracking which are pre, during campaign and post-campaign.

End campaign wrap-up

Results of a campaign usually reflects different media angles on social platforms. A full scale report will analyse those angles along with relevant recommendation for future improvement.

In-depth analysis

An in-depth analysis from Kompa Consulting includes all the stakeholders involved in Brand activities such as target audience, competitors, distribution channels & public awareness.

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