Always-on Brand Health Report

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Kompa Branding Solutions

A comprehensive tool to have your Brand well-managed

Smart dashboard

Follow real-time and sentiment score to identify and draw conclusions on brand-related topics.

Insightful deep-dive

Find hidden insights, understand impact and resonance, and conduct powerful market research

Data enrichment

Monitor millions of global news and blog sources in near real-time and stay up-to-date with industry news and competitor trends

Brand-related topics

Understanding who, in a specific industry and region, is taking what action, is fundamental to understand Brand current status.

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Brand health research

A full brand health measurement demonstrates how your Brand is performing to achieve organization objectives and aims.

Social monitoring

A diverse research report provides in-depth understandings and insights of consumers’ behavior on social media platforms from  a particular market.

Competitor analysis

It’s vital to pick the right competitors to your Brand and to know which aspects of your competitors’ business are worth analyzing.

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Reputation Management

Always-on management

Issue tracking

Influencer involvement

Campaign Measurement

Evaluate marketing buzz

Sentiment analysis

Influencer performance

Custom Market Research

Integrated research

Industrial insights

Consumer insights

Influencer Marketing

Performance Insight

Influencer Casting

Media Bookings

Social Media Management

Social awareness

All-in-one platform

Lead Generation

Performance Marketing

Deep-dive into audience

Marketing automation

Findings report

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